About Red Punch

Red Punch Blog logoLife can be sucky and weird and amazing, and it can be all of these things at the same time. And it’s ok to admit that. It’s ok not to have rainbows coming out of your ass all the time, unless you want them to.

I decided to start this blog after life decided to kick my ass for a few years. A mixture of health, marriage, financial and family issues almost pushed me over the edge. But, being who I am, I felt sorry for myself for a moment, then found myself laughing at the absurdity of the situations that I keep getting myself into. I also found myself returning to writing and clamoring for healthy, non-sucky changes in my life. Why not be super vulnerable, lay out the ridiculous shit that I encounter and attempt, and see what happens? I have a feeling I’m not the only one who needs to vent before finding themselves punching an unsuspecting asshole in the kidney.

So, I’ll use my unbridled honesty and wit for good. My adorable little mountain town in Colorado has an unending supply of people and community that I hope to highlight on my fucked up journey towards clarity and fun. I live in LOVELAND for fucks sake. Shouldn’t I be able to wrestle something life-altering out of a town with that name? Granted, this area is known for a high concentration of breweries, distilleries and recreational marijuana shops, but I do have to keep such activities to a minimum (or medium) in order to participate in the other parts of life. The other parts are a mixture of my daughter, 13, who I adore, even when she’s being a raging bitch, and my son,10, who everyday is able to prove that he’s smarter than me. And my husband, who is a talented, sexy, frustrating love-machine who tests my patience almost on a daily basis. Two giant dogs and a mean cat round out my tiny portion of the world, and you’re more than welcome to join me in laughing at it all.

Actually, I beg you to join me. Help me laugh at myself and relate to anyone else that is in a weird limbo, stuck between yoga and boxed wine, between picking up dog shit and attending a downtown event.

Follow me on all the standard social media, and/or sign up with the handy dandy form below so we can stalk each other. It will be fun, I promise!