You can read the Kamasutra????

What’s the first image that pops in your head when you see the title¬†Kamasutra?

Let me guess –

Awkward drawings of a man and a woman engaged in endless varieties of sexual positions (original version) or photographs of models simulating these sensual acts (modern versions).

Not insightful readings about life and love.

Yeah, me too, until recently.

A long, long, long time ago, on one of my daily hour-long bus rides to school, I heard rumors of this book. A guide to sex! What?! With pictures?! This was before the internet was even an embryo of an idea and the young and curious had to actually work to get a glimpse of a nipple or a pube. So, when a kid on my bus promised all of us that he was bringing this magical guide for a secret show-and-tell, we were all more than intrigued.

Turns out, not so exciting for a bunch of middle-schoolers. The copy he had was not a “modern” version, so all of the images were more like art, not porn. We were hoping for porn. It was fun for a few minutes to laugh at, make jokes and pretend like we knew what we were looking at. There was a lot of text, and reading about ancient sex was not something that we were interested in while huddled in the back of our school bus.

And this is kind of the norm with the Kamasutra. Most of us know what it is, have probably seen a few pictures or excerpts from it, but have never truly read it cover-to-cover. I read a ton of books, and so do a lot of people I know. And those same people enjoy a variety of topics, including sex. But no one has read the damn book.

Until now!

A friend of mine got a beautiful, ornate original version for Valentine’s Day. And she’s actually reading it! The updates that she has been texting me are sometimes hilarious, but mostly just interesting! They have gone something like this –

Figured you would appreciate this – Kamasutra for VD. Time to turn this up a notch!

I should be writing this book. Been there. Done that.

Well damn, these ancient peeps were ahead of their time. Give pleasure, receive pleasure, has to be reciprocal. Have bookmarked 17 pages so far…..

The sexual pleasure is not even half of it. Besides the horribly offensive sexist commentary, the big K spells out the diff btwn sex when in love and just lust. Teenage me should have read this.

I love it when shit we know and live by is so obvious and so true that it has been recognized for hundreds of years by multiple generations and cultures. It sounds like the Kamasutra is only 25% or so about sex, the rest focusing on the countless other acts in life that mactually matter and help to result in meaningful nakedness. And that sex can only be great when truth, love and respect are present. Yes! Sure, good, hot, sweaty sex can be had by just about anyone, but a life-changing, face-melting orgasm is best achieved when heart and g-spot are both stimulated.

This mythical sex book sounds like it has a lot more to do with how to conduct your love life than just how to find the right angle for the Indian Handstand. Maybe I’m over-analyzing these texts from my very excitable friend. Maybe I should just read the damn thing myself.

Ok, I’m in.

Beach vacation coming up and this sounds like perfect discussion reading for my BFFs and I to dissect while sipping cocktails.

It may even cause some interesting conversation on the plane.

Updates to follow…..




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