I didn’t do a lot at the beach – and it was perfect

us, doing a lot of nothing

I know I’m beyond lucky to have just taken a much needed vacation with a few of my soulmates. Every time I see them, I feel like I’m home. We travel well together, enjoying a nice balance of touristy activities, mid-morning cocktails, and lots of dancing. If you’ve traveled with friends, you know what I mean.

When I got home, several people asked me “So, what did you guys do?”.  Valid question. But it’s hard to really get the feel of a selfish, no agenda, no kids, no spouses, no bullshit vacay in a few sentences. It’s like trying to take a picture of the mountains or the sunset – you just can’t quite capture the magic.

So, I thought I’d try a different tactic. Instead of blogging about all the stuff we did, I’m going to tell you all of the shit I didn’t do. Your imagination can connect the sandy dots…….

I didn’t wake up at 6 a.m. to start the daily hussle

I didn’t care about my horrid singing voice or questionable dance moves

I didn’t wait til 5 o’clock to have a mojito

I didn’t check the fucking news (well, once I accidentally saw it, got pissed, and put it away)

I didn’t put pants on first thing in the morning

I didn’t miss my kids (don’t judge – it was a short trip)

I didn’t feel obligated to any human or animal

I didn’t cringe at the constant “island” music

I didn’t run screaming from the fucking birds on the beach (physically, at least – mentally, it was a challenge)

I didn’t think “yep, I’ve had enough vodka today”

I didn’t notice the bruises covering my legs til 2 days later

I didn’t think twice about conversations surrounding laughing orgasms, face-sitting, and Blackout town

And, most importantly, I didn’t feel like anything was missing…..


So, thanks ladies, for every cheers and laugh and secret and every little ounce of fun and love.

And, if you haven’t traveled with friends, give it a try – there’s lots of things you will enjoy not doing.


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