National Friendship Day (or whatever it’s called)


national friendship

Yes, I know, there’s a “National Every-Fucking-Thing Day”.

I don’t know who makes this shit up, how many are legitimate or who in their right mind would actually try to observe all of them (think “Shower with a Friend Day” and “World Nutella Day” – both on February 5th and both I’m willing to observe, possibly at the same time).  But today, February 2nd, is “National Friendship Day” and people all over social media are loving it.

I can totally see why. I personally have had my head so far up the fucking anus of politics that I haven’t had a chance to recognize and appreciate the amazing people in my life that aren’t actively trying to destroy everything I value.

So, here I am, wiping the shit off my face, and paying tribute to all of the different types of friends we have in our lives. I hope you’re lucky enough to have the same in your life…..

The Friends That Keep You Sane – you text them when your kid is being an asshole, when work was a bitch, or any other reason to vent. They will be equally and appropriately enraged on your behalf.

The Friends That Make You Drink – not that they stress you out to the point of needing that beer tower. No, the ones that know when you need a celebratory margarita or an end-of-the-week box of wine.

The Friends That Inspire You – maybe they inspire you to work out or volunteer or simply stand up for yourself. They make you do shit you know you should do, and end up being glad they were so fucking inspirational.

The Friends That Will Help Bury The Body – the ones that won’t ask questions, won’t judge, and will bring the shovel.

The Friends That Tell You The Truth – no matter how painful, they will tell you if you’re overreacting or being a slut or if your hair looks like the inside of an Ugg boot. And they’re usually right.

The New Friends – love love love making new friends. They still think you’re interesting, haven’t seen you puke, and haven’t heard you play Mumford on repeat 267 times. 

The Ride-or-Die Friends – the ones that have seen things from you that they can never unsee, probably have seen you puke, laughed at inside jokes with and about you, cry at super important stuff and stupid shit, and still choose to be your friend, even if they’re sick of you.

I have at least one of each of these friends in my life, some for over 25 years! To you, and all the friends I’ll make in the future, thank you. And, I’m sorry……….

Happy Friends Day, or Friendship Day, or whatever it’s called!





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