The Naked Circle


recruiting the next nudist

How big is your naked circle?

I seem to have had a lot of conversations about the subject of nudity lately, and I thought it was interesting that the range of comfort with bare- assing varies so much with the people in my life.

Some people are happy never having another person see a glimpse of a nipple, some people would prefer to never wear clothes. And of course the in-betweeners, that are ok with a few people seeing the goods, but only the hand-selected, most closest friends and family (or just friends).

You’ve known someone from every nakedness universe, haven’t you?

I sure the fuck have.

As a young teen, I wasn’t super comfortable being naked in front of ANYONE. I was overweight, and had some serious self-esteem issues. But I also related nakedness to sexual situations. So, in my tiny little teen brain, no one got naked in front of each other unless they were humping (tiny teen brain term that is still funny).

Then, a nudist came into my life.

Tom LOVED being naked, but when I met him, he had a teenage daughter that was my best friend. So, even though he spent much of his time with his fruit basket in the open air, he respected his daughter and kept it tucked away in one of his many pairs of cut-off jean shorts, which he would throw on as we honked pulling into the driveway.

Of course it was humorous at first. We were so young, and living in a small, conservative town. This guy had a normal job and a normal family, and at the same time proudly displayed his nudist plaque on the front door. But it didn’t take long for Tom to become so much more than naked. He was a great father, grandpa, hard worker, and was a complete boss at keeping the freezer stocked with our favorite foods.

Without intention, Tom showed me that being naked is more about comfort than sexuality. He also showed me a stray testicle every once in a while, as those jean shorts were really fucking short, but that was also unintentional. He would tell us about his vacations to nudist camps, which, contrary to what I assumed, were not big orgies, but were more about camping and hanging out with his fellow naked buddies. Comfort.

And being nakedĀ isĀ really the most comfortable option, isn’t it?

Sure, being naked can, and should, be a fun part of sexy time. But, besides my husband, the other people in my naked circle are there because of comfort. Friends are in the circle, as it’s easier to change into a swimsuit or jammies in the hotel room without caring if your BFFs see your pubes (or lack thereof). My mom and I will carry on an entire conversation while getting out of the shower. The ladies in the changing rooms at the hot springs are also in my circle, whether they want to be or not. And my daughter is going to see my naked ass strolling into her room to get my robe the next time she steals it.

The naked circle is about comfort; comfort with who you’ve brought in, and being able to stay comfortable when you need to be naked. My circle might be bigger than some, but not as big as others (like Tom’s).

The naked circle just doesn’t give a fuck.








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3 Responses

  1. Trotter says:

    Absolutely love this! Tears of joy reading about Poppa.

  2. Kathy Yarman says:

    RIP Tom… I loved your short-shorts!!

  3. Joey Dohn says:

    Haha…. I totally remember those Jean shorts

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