The Takeover

What you’re reading is a blog takeover. Thank goodness for saved info on laptops, I am now pedaling this copper hot-air balloon.

Social conventions are interesting. Ideals are even interesting-er. I consider myself insanely fortunate. I now have a direct line into the heart and mind of someone who is so intriguing and mysterious to me. Once or twice a month, I get Red Punched with a raw, real, funny and challenging perspective. It hurts so good, and I always crave more.

Our Red Punch author is a wildly talented writer who makes me tingle like a teenage boy captivated by his hot math teacher.

If I were to have a conversation with said younger version of myself, I would let him know that ideals rarely match reality. To clarify,
I would let him know that achieving a mature love in a companion is a bond that gives life meaning.
I would let him know that being challenged by your companion cultivates personal, emotional and mental understanding; if you’re looking for a servant and a lifelong ego-massage, you don’t deserve the opportunity to experience love.

Mostly, I would let the teenage version of myself know that he’s in for a hell of a ride, and that he very well may be the luckiest man alive.

She knows the true value of life being lived fully. She’s unafraid, she’s strong, and so intelligent. In her case, my ideals and ¬†expectations are actually narrow and short-sided, because the reality is she is so much more than I ever anticipated.

– not Amanda

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  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful, Mr. M!

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